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Give girls exposure to the joys of science, technology, and engineering. Provide role models and examples of what women have done already. Show them how much fun it can be!

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Ada Lovelace, Annie Easley, Kalpana Chawla, Marie Curie                

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Women have been studying the skies for more than 4000 years. Who knew?!

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Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants shorts

Wouldn't you rather be a smarty pants than any of those other pants?

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1000 Stories

About Us

Go to the mall. Go to the park during a concert or festival. Go to the gym like I do, and see t-shirts adorned with athletes, angry, glaring rappers and flash-in-the-pan pop culture horrors. What you won’t see is a single tee championing the countless genius inventors, adventurers, and history-making icons who also happen to be women.

Our tees STEM from the desire - the need - to fill this yawning chasm. Yeah, that’s right, STEM: science, technology, engineering and math.

Images of positive female role models play a role in the STEM solution. Stylish products can send a message that women have been and always will be doing great things.

Together we can make this change!

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