Sylvia Aghabekian Lowden
  • User Experience
  • Web development
  • STEM for girls advocacy

Sylvia Aghabekian Lowden

User Experience

With over a decade consulting on web, mobile, and enterprise products, I have the knowledge and experience to balance content with simplicity. As Einstein says, "Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler."

Web Development

Combining design expertise with coding skills, I am able to bring a higher level of insight to what works, what needs work, and how to maximize the partnership of design and development.


Imagine if the accomplishments of female scientists were celebrated? Picture it... literally. I founded SmartyWomyn, an online launchpad for empowering imagery that provides t-shirts, posters, and calendars that show the world womankind's contributions to STEM through the years. Images of positive female role models play a part in the STEM solution.


A landing page I'm testing out for a subscription box.  TummyLuv